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Klaus Grøngaard (Link)
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I am wondering if moog was aiming to release an album with all the uploads! This is again a really well produced remix - extremely well chosen instrument and mastering although bass does cut through sometimes too much.
Moog overload! No surprises, but less than an orange would be unfair.
A nice laid back funky rendition of a musician often overlooked by remixers. No real surprises, but well produced and plenty of nice instruments blended well. A winner, this one.
Another sweet Moog remix.
A bit by the numbers, but as Mr. Abbott put it: Less than an oragne would be unfair.
Gets an orange just for the interesting choice of instruments alone.
Very very good conversion. With a bit more variety and dynamics it still would have been better.
Loved the original SID and this is yet ANOTHER great track by Moog. Not to sure of the main lead and abrupt ending tho
Stop it! Stop it! PLEASE.... I can't stand this almost _perfect_ quality and style here anymore!! :-DDD THAT's what remixes are for! What a GREAT spirit _all_ of them are carrying! Mega-THUMBS UP, dude!! I _beg_ you to continue releasing your stuff here!
I agree, less then orange would be unfair ;-)
Awesome base, great groove, the lead is a bit simple at times, but it works. Great stuff!
As always when master moog comes into play, it's groovyfunkygroovy and swings as swing can swing. I can't even put my finger on what's so special about moog's music. But who cares anyway, as long as it's as outstanding as it is!
Not my cup of tea, but nicely done of course ^^
Never comment this one. Amazing remix.
Excellent work

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