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Martin Galway
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Funky effort for the high score tune. Nice guitars, although the lead that comes in a bit later just isn't strong or emotive enough. That apart, a very good effort indeed.
Summertime, here we come.
Technically this is just outstanding! I'm not jumping out of my socks, because this song has been done really well a lot of times now. It's time someone did something more creative with this SID.
There is nothing wrong with this remix but I still think the version from the BIT3 CD is the definitive remix.
Beatnick stylee wizball, takes it out of the lift music vein and puts it into some kind of weed den ^^ nice stuff.
I put on my wizard hat and go to the beach!
As Makke says, this technically is a wonderful remix. It just doesn't try to stand out from the crowd.
It was just a question of time before moog got his hands on this soft classic piece. Good work!
Yeah, happy summertime laidback cheerful tune. Made my day! :D
Good mix
Moog, this sounds so nice. I wish you'd have taken a real guitar instead of this aseptic guitar sample.:-)
Sweet remix. Though the "guitar kinda ruins the feeling and the tune sounds a bit empty at places. Nothing big though.
Like the guitar, like the playfulness displayed, but we've heard better arrangements of Wizball before. Kinda cool, but nothing surprisingly new.
IMO never galways better work - for anyone saying nothing new - thats right - but this is so well produced - hits the spot for a beer in the garden - nice 1 moogy
Makke said it all.
Very nice... Too nice imho ;-)
MOOG IS BACK!!! :-D Great guitars and mixing and STYLE! Really amazing how you get it _always_ on the point! More, More, More MORE, please!
Beautifully made.
The worst moog I've heard so far. I absolutely don't like it. The Wizball highscore theme has been remixed too often, and there are so many versions that are so much better. Me being a moog fan doesn't save this from being "only" Good.

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