Big Deal

Track info
Arranged by:
Mordi Veteran
Composed by:
Jeroen Kimmel
All-Time charts position:
Made for the launch of SceneSat Radio. It can be found on their excellent Sound of Scenesat 4-CD compilation of tracks by people in the

PS: Sorry for the high-pitched sounds. It sounds good in -my- headphones, so. :P
PSS: I forgot to mention: Thanks to Makke for lending me his vocals from his mega-hit Glider Rider, which can be found here -->
This one is not so much my taste...
I always considered this an interesting mash-up from hearing the early WIP. It's grown on me since then...
I like the voices :) good remix
Not bad, but I prefered TeeKay's version of this a while back
Not bad, but only good.
Good instrumentation. I am a bit on the edge wrt the vocoded voiceover, but it's not bad at all.
You really can do better ;) But nice anyway!
The low grade is purely because you can do this much better. The sound quality is great, but the composition is boring and has no 'Mordi' in it... Nothing else to say. Sorry :-S
Nicely arranged
I like the spheres in it. Liked to play the game in the 80s
Very good remix!
Phun-taz-tik! Added to my collection.

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