Mordi - Green Beret (The Simple Mix)

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This one was made around two years ago if I remember correctly, but I deemed it unworthy of posting. Then I figured someone might like it anyway, so here it is.

Unworthy of posting? You must be kidding. This is great!
Very pleasant to listen to; balanced mix; nice arrangement; recommended!
Nice Simple mix, no fancy fx
Not the awaited "Mordi-quality". Maybe next Time again.:)
I Like it!
Simple not Bad
Perfect use of sid esque instruments for the intro the brass parts are very understated and so work really well mixed beatifully as always too
This is way too Vangelis for me, but I appreciate the excellence of execution.
Not bad.
Really quite simple. Almost too simple, but I like its incredible width and calmness. Added to my collection.
This is my gift for the day... Did not even wanted to listen to it as it was underrated... And what a surprise... It is just wonderful!
Review by K8-bit


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

Understated, laid back, sweet, lush.

Four words to start with describing this piece that I'm so glad Mordi decided to release after tantalising in the forum

Now I have a special soft spot for this original piece from Martin Galway, but that doesent mean I automatically love every arrangement, there arent many out there that I can confess to really liking.

This, by approaching the piece from a different angle - smoother, slower, less frenetic than the original - it appeals for different reasons.

Mordi's decision to stick with the wibbles/noteplex's in the tune is a good one, it anchors the piece to the original in a warm nostalgic way I appreciate. The melody is intact, with an added underlying harmony that reminds me a bit of the dual-melodies in the Wizball highscore. Added arpeggios give it an ethereal lift that think adds a lot too.

A relaxing nostalgic listening pleasure, thank you Mordi