In Your Bed

Track info
Arranged by:
Mordi Veteran
Composed by:
Mitch & Dane
All-Time charts position:
It's not possible not to vote for Mordi as ROTY 2015.
Like it a lot, but this feels either incomplete, or a bit lazy by Mordi's usual standards.
The usual Mordi style with a very good, bouncy and playful little tune.
... Vibe with a capital V! - p2 / heatw@ve
Bouncy-happy, nicely done! Definitely another keeper from Mordi.
Yet another awesome tune by Mordi!
Just as funky as it should be
Laid back and funky, just like the original is. Lots of bouncy feel too.
Funky, clean and beautifully crisp.. For a tune with so little in 'body' it certainly packs a punch. Oustanding.
Mordi leads always the best leads!
I had to put on a coat because of the almost unhealthy amount of coolness of this one. Dammit. That witty lead sound timbre and expression... I hate you.
Terrific! One of my absolute favourite SID's and now one of my absolute favourite Mordi tunes! Thanks for creating this, stunning work, have to love it! Wish it would be a little bit longer to enjoy it a little bit longer!!!
Veeery cool! Added to my collection.
Like it!

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