Mordi - Kramut (You disappeared)

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Mordi Veteran
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It's a bit rough around the edges, but maybe someone will like it?
Lyrics go something like this:
If I just knewhow to get you throughIf I just knewhow to get you through
Now that you put your hand in mineBut that's all in the pastIt will never come backI think about you all the time
Why did you suddenly disappearWhy did you suddenly disappear
You don't know what you missedYou don't know what you miss
Quality work as standard for M. Could be longer. Thanks for saving my day at the office.
Like you said: "It´s a bit rough around the edges". Maybe my expectations were too high after your great success at the ROTY´s. But its still a nice remix :)
A bit short, but otherwise right up my alley - perfect.
As noted a bit short and a little rough (very hard to make out the vocoding in places) but still quite well done.
Too short, but good work.
This is too much vocoding nice beat but the singing is not so good this time
The original is a solid, quite average intro-tune. This could almost be a solid, quite average 80s italo-pop tune, like Betty Miranda's 'take me to the top' or Mr Flagio's 'take a chance'.
Awww... Heal that robo chick :) That's not your best track.
This tune seems to rest on the laurels of its very good mastering, but you could've done more here.
Dont't sound rough to me, quite melodious in fact

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