Mordi - Party of the Year (Bonzax)

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A bit different style on this one.

Instrumental version here --> Bonzax.mp3
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Good cover and def good girating music but horrible horrible vo-cods
Great remix but as mentioned, some of the vocals sound like they are low-grade digitisation instead.
Very good, than the others. Only like this keep moving, Mordi!
It's a high quality remix, but I'm not a fan of vocal's in c64 remixes. I'd prefer instruments only as it's meant to be.
Very cute remix, and the vocals (for once) works quite fine! But the melody itself sounds a bit off-key at sections, but it might just be me...
Too much snarl chaos but at otherwise ok.
Instrumental sounds better.
Very cool. I quite like. Top work, Mordi.
Vocals loose the red face - awesome otherwise!
Close to red. Very catchy remix, but these vocals can't convince me, sorry.
Nice'n'easy summer feeling but average instruments!
Me no liky voices like these =| nice tune though
Very nice groovy remix and I like this vocoder stuff :D
Great cover of a great song. Just very good pop, you could play this on any radio and the majority of listeners would probably love it. Plus, I think the vocals must be there, they make at least half of the appeal the song has, in my opinion.
I dont know the original but I love this song ;)
Simply perfect remix again from Mordi!
Very good. But I can't say if I like the vocals or not.
GG Mordi!
A summer favorite.
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But somebody please tell me what this is a remix of. This website needs to have a column in the description that names the games the remix comes from because too often I am left completely without a clue.