Mordi - Promises

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This one was actually finished around January 2009, but I really wanted to do some proper vocals (for a change), but I haven't been able to find anyone to sing on it.
The tune is based off of Promises.xm. The sid only contains a snippet of this tune. Only small fractions of the song and the intro deviates from the .xm tune.
Soundtrack for rainy autumn days. *sigh* Summer were have you gone?
See this mix? It's brilliant it is! Gorgeously laid back day dream music
The rain in the background is there without being too obtrusive, and it gives way to a really mellow rendition of the DRAX tune. Good job all round.
Simple but brilliant mixing and arrangement. The piano playing is The Awesome. How do you make this??? :D
Beautiful and relaxing. Great work Mordi.
Very goodd music!
Very laid back and a great listen. Only thing missing is vocals by Leonard Cohen.
Very nice mordi :) really great piano part
Definietly it has my fav Modrifier plug-in! :) A bit too romantic for me but great anyway. Have you thought about making a full SID RMX album, perhaps 10-12 tracks...?
Yes, nice one... Unfortunately it doesn't create any feel to me, sorry. Mordi, perhaps you'll love this tune - Jeroen Tel - Stranglehold -
I would be really curious to the lyrics of this song. I'd love to hear it sang, it'd make a great chanson.
Very good
Pure drama!
Good stuff again
Stop doing so many nice tunes! :D
Simply awesome!!! :D
Not bad.

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