Mordi - Resolution

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This tune has been in the making for quite some time. It was first conceived in the spring of 2011, if I remember correctly. I tinkered a lot with it, but I was never happy with how the leads sounded (too samey and sawy). Then lately I began tinkering more with it, having played around with variations on sawleads, and then I felt that they sounded better. The original bit in the middle of the tune is a bit meh, but I was tired of working on it so I just released it as it is.

Vote distribution
I love DRAX' melodies, and I love Modi's remix.
Great as almost always!
It just feels groooooooove!
Once again Mordi delivers us beautiful sounds.
Nice Re-Remix :)
Per-fect. Soft to the ear, smooth to the brain.
A chill-out with Mordi? Anytime.
Great as usual... Very chilled
Smooth. Nice jammin.
Drax gets Mordified. I like both factors.
I don't know... Stanislaw Ostaszewski's cover like it better.
Doesn't really blow my skirt up musically, but the level of work that has gone into this tune is obvious. Nice mix!!
Very cool Amiga feel, a bit Love demo/Fairlight at sound feel at the begining. I traveling back to the past with this very nostalgic music!++
An absolute screamer!
The perfect mix of a perfect song. Like to drizzle honey all over the floor and just roll around!
I love, Drax, Drax, Draxxxx...!!!! Nothing more to add... Brilliant work...!
Wonderful, as always! Mordi=Jogeir? Added to my collection.
Very nice. The unique backbeat adds extra drive to the track.
Excellent work again, and as unreal says with a touch fo Amiga! Congratulations!
One of my personal favorites, could listen to this all day long.
My first favourite on remix64, simple, beautiful arrangement
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Nothing meh about this at all.