Tristesse (Robots Have Depressions Too mix)

Track info
Arranged by:
Mordi Veteran
Composed by:
Thomas Mogensen (DRAX)
All-Time charts position:
I love the original SID for this, and this mix is a really nice rendition of it (not too sure about the vocal part though).
Sounds like the sad tunes used in German TV series from the late 80s. Almost as cheap as porno music and gosh the vocals suck! I absolutely hate this song - But hell, I love to hate it! Like cheering to bad taste music, this is so disgustingly cheesy! LOL
Really nice track... But the vocals!!!
Good production, nice arrangement, the robotic vocals were a mistake, though, they just don't fit the mood.
This is nice. For how long the vocals are I don't think they're are problem. It's a nice remix of a nice tune.
Yes it is an deperesion music and mean it in a good way, this tune create its atmoshere very well. I was thinking about the red one but I will stay with orange. Great job man.
Very nice to listen to.
Some of the chords sound wrong, and it doesn't sound like this was done on purpose. No wonder that robots get depressions!

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