The Last Ninja Legends

Track info
The Last Ninja Legends
Arranged by:
Mr.E. Remixer
Composed by:
Ben Daglish & Anthony Lees
All-Time charts position:

The Last Ninja Legends. (16 Minutes Version)

Done in 2005.

Now finaly Released in 2011.


Have Fun and Enjoy.



Overall a very nice remix. Some parts are stretched out a bit too long though...
I guess it`s a little bit too long and it definitely needs some variation. But, its good. Nothing totally wrong with this Track and a worthy download for all Last Ninja Fans.:)
Very good Ninja Remix.
Too drawn out at several places, I was already bored at 6 min into it. The instrumentation is just too plain. The mixing could use a wider dynamic range. Nothing too terrible, though, nice effort!
Awesome. I love the trancy unz, the change between different themes, its energizing and somewhat epic feeling, in a long uplifting tune, a 16 minute Ninjagasm!
Certainly epic in length a little dated sounding understandably but on the whole very good
Not a bad mix, reminds me of Instant Remedy's mix but not as good, welcome on board....
I'm sorry, but it bored the hell out of me.
16 minutes of 4-on-the-floor beats? No thank you.
Nice remix but a shorter version would have been more appropriate unless richer instrumentation (like Lotus III - Breathless - daxx Remix that is truly fantastic)
Review by K8-bit


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

For the most part I really like this, it tugs at the nostalgia strings in a couple of ways. Obviously its covering some of the most famous C64 soundtracks ever, but also the instrumentation and arrangement has a very Amiga-ish approach.

Normally, I have very little time for UNZ type remixes, but this one appealed.

Its a bit long in places, also not enough variety in the instrumentation in the long to sustain proper interest. Some progression instrumentwise, or some filtering on the *very* amiga like chords would have given it more depth I felt.

However, as an arrangement based on its nostalgic value, its melding of the themes, and the technical accuracy of the very distinct melodies - excellent.