MRT - Deflektor (softer version)

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I heard so many versions of deflektor tune, and comments too.
Well, There are people who really like this one. I belong to their group.
About 15 years ago I did my first remix over this tune using orginal ripped track and some old electronic stuff. I spend a lot of time for sync. but it was done! Unfortunely I lost my downmix on tape.(my mistake! propably there are some c64 games on it now!(is it mistake?))
So I decided to do Deflektor again using analog-output synthesizers - hmmm - they sounds so soft!
This game is the race with time as opponent - that's why I did more energetic ending. But why last sounds are so hopeless? Guess! (i never was realy good playing Deflektor).
Just very very simple
I think Reyn produced the definative remix of this - it should be left alone :) Dayoh Dayoh!
Not a bad mix, but there has to be some more original ideas to get it to lift.
Heh this sounds very 80s, which is good. On the downside, there's too much reverb on the drums, an 80s-like gate effect should do the trick. With a little more spice, this mix would rock.
It's a nice idea to keep it simplistic, but it just needs more execution. Promising ideas though.
Lovelly warm background, shame about the plinky plinky lead. I think it's a good rendition if it wasn't for that average sounding lead. There are some clever twists in this worth special note as they don't sound wrong.. It's just the lead sound!
It's not that bad. It really grooves btw, why didn't anyone mention this? ! Works for me.
Nice but not so original.
I rather enjoyed this little remake of Deflektors tune.
I simply love the deflektor theme
Ok, with some ups and downs... But there is some light on the end of the tunnel ;-)
Too average for me...
It's just the sid replayed with standard SB64 midi instruments. Though ok done.
A different approach. Very likeable!

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