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First of all it is not a remix it is a remake and please know the difference before you add a comment that not fits the tune.

Second i can explain for you that don't know the difference between a remake and a remix.

Remake = A reproduction of a tune with a new maybe modern tang for example: synth-strings, drums or some nice brass. but the real deal is to keep the old feeling from the original.

Remix = A totally recreation of the original with some tones that make you remember the original from it when you hear it.

And finally, Thanks for all votes and comments this far, and for them that shall come in advance, but please remember, do not vote if your not familiar with the tune or know how the original sounds like, because i don't want any misjudged votes.

- MusicWizard
It's not too bad, even if it sounds a little too simplistic on the ears, and a little flat. The idea's there, just needs some more warmth in the execution.
This tune sounds boring to me and I miss the smooth und melanchonic atmosphere of the orgininal by Rob.
Yes, the original is better.
Isn't it a little overconfident to call yourself the MusicWizard? It sounds like this tune's 10 years old. But I like this style, especially the accomp harp sound. Well done! Added to my collection.
The tune is nice so I can't say its too bad, though it sounds a little amateur, and again, we have another tune that sounds out of date, like its from a 10 year old platform game...
Sweet, however, not pleased with overall production.
Sounds like a preset on a more modern casio keyboard, Its a clear and good start for the wizard though, hopefully things will improve as time goes on.
Very simple, maybe too simple. Sounds like a cheap Casio synth. Maybe if it was labeled "baby remix" or something...
This sounds like a good remix for omoroca: There's neither highlights nor progession in it - simply boring. It even got the second chord of the main melody wrong. Almost poor but it captures the original spirit a bit.
This mix would well suit an elevator. Easy and simplistic on the ears and does sound a bit flat. Good first try tho but perhaps take it apart and remodel it
Pretty and tiny, but no much more.. And it crash with many other commando hi-score remix
Oh well, there have been way better versions of this well-known SID already. So this isn't anything special here. Although it got a basic idea here at least...
No ideas, weak instruments, weakarrangment, no vibes at all.
Like it very much, simple, it works

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