N-JOY - Eliminator (Sexy & Saxy Smooth Party remix)

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Even though I kinda dislike jazz and saxophones, this one is REALLY well done and deserves a red, imho! :) Cool stuff!
Laid back jazz vibe which really works wonders - the saxophone actually adds to the feel instead of taking it away. It's groovy and funky at the same time. I like.
Wonderfully laid back and enjoyable.
I like my jazz more Brubeck-like, but this is so masterfully pulled off, you've got to love it!
Alive and kicking. Hats off!
The bass in the intro and the upcoming pianofills are pushing (in time) way too much, it's not cool and laidback, it's more like "stressed". It kills the groove for me completely. I like the idea, though!
Outstanding Remix! Nice arrangement and mixing!
Yeah, baby, that's the right stuff! Spotless jazz.
Funktastic. I can't rate this track highly enough!
I can hear that this is very well produced, but I have to admit; I cannot STAND the laid back sound of a sax and never will, and unfortunately the equivalent facial response of mine is a yellow smiley.
It's great to see that Italy's pride is back! Two things could have been improved: the ride at the beginning/end of the song which was obviously not played by a drummer, and it bugs me a bit that the vibraslap is used so often. Other than that, perfect!
Just like on the radio
Excellent! Instrument, Rhythm, Ambiance!!! Real Jazz!
Superb, very groovy...!!
Sounds like some 80s TV series title music! Not my cup of tea, but technically well done!
Needs more soul.
Sweet tune!
This is sexy! Santana?

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