Nada - BMX Kidz (Sono Perplesso)

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This is a remix of the Hi-Score tune by Yip also used in Scroll Machine. It's not bad.. But nothing special.
Nada COULD be someone to look out for, both his mixes have been original, just a shame they dont work that well
YES!!! The arrangement is a bit so-so, running out of sync at times and stuff like that... But the idea is pure gold! GOLD I TELLS YA!
Agree with Makke. The idea is so spot on that I was tempted to rate this Very Good as it is. Here's hoping for a V2 later on.
With all it's faults I can't help but like this alot.
If the SID was dropped and other instruments used more often, I'd look on this a fair bit differently- the idea's there, the execution isn't - yet.
A bit plain. But the rest is ok.
Jeeeez Guys! Thats genius! A real gritty shaker and very original. Btw remindes me to David Holmes.
Afraid I dont like this very much.. It all sounds like its being played next door.. There is alot of potential here though for something special, im sure as nada progresses he will get better and better
Like other comments here a bit more experience and a top remix is on the way from Nada.
Not easy an easy piece after LMan's superb version. But still worth listining to - it's staying in my collection!
This gets very good as it progresses! You have style!
Very original and fantastically arranged take on BMX Kidz, I'd give it Outstanding if the production was a little more on-spot.
Some nice ideas, have used other drums, they get on my nerves sometimes :-)
The problem with SIDs that sound pretty good by themselves even by today's standards is that it's very hard to remix them without ruining them. This remix is a great effort, but doesn't exceed the excellence of the original. Thus my yellow smilie.
Sono perplesso anche io
Uninspired, relies mostly on the SID. The famous Phantasia's "Life on Mars" samples do not save it.
I could listen to this song over and over again...
Horrible in my earphones to hear some voices only on the left and others only on the right, like in early stereo works by the Beatles. Ruins it.
Very nice and mellow remix. A bit like library music.

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