Nada - Bossa 'n Goblins

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All guitars played & recorded live. Bass was played live and looped at some points. Keyboard solo was created using the B4 plug-in. Strings were made using the Edirol Orchestral plug-in. Drums and percussion are programmed.
I can't quite work out if any of this are real instruments as it sounds so realistic! This is a totally awesome version and I think it's Nada's best so far! AWESOME!
A really different version of Ghosts and Goblins, and for that it should be praised highly. It has all the immediacy of a live recording, but also played with enthusiasm and passion. A contender for most original remix of 2007, this is. Nada's best work!
Fantastic! Completely inventive and some great guitar work in there
Does anybody remind mod called just for blues? Dizzy cncd I think.. Well, however good mix guitar loops ecc, enjoyable
A really relaxing tune, I love it!
Ambient! Cool!
This is bloody great!
I LOVE Ghosts 'n' Goblins remixes. But this was bland as all hell and the least energetic of the lot.
Novel, oh so novel - soft, sweet yet passionate and I have to say I LOVE IT
Superb! I would give it a red one since I love all-acoustic remixes but for me it captures too little GnG-spirit.
This is simply perfect, great performance Nada, love the inovative style here!
What an awesome acoustic treatment! Talented guitar playing, very clean recording and mixing (which is why some people have a hard time believing it's played live), plus a positively surprising choice of style executed to perfection. Phuntastic!
Nowt about this fails to impress me. As usual nada continues to write stuff that makes me want to have sex with him and sire his children! Haha, ... Ahem
Wow. The playing is immaculate and amazing, and the sound of that bass is just fantastic. Sounds like a really really good jazz-quartet did this cover. And the "hang" is just soooo sweet.. Full score..!
It's not secret that I'm a big Nada fan. And again the whole feel is so well done... And quality level is very high. And a great idea to start with... Great work!!
Good remix. Never was fan of SID.
I don't care if this tune catches the SID-spirit or not. It's great, from start to end.
The arrangment itself is outstanding, but I do not hear much resemblence to G'n'G...
Wow, love that one. I like bossa
Very nice song
Very original by itself, yet not too far from the original. Yes, I like it.
Man! I love that style and it's perfectly executed! I agree with Kristian about the SID's spirit :)
This is AWESOME!
Beautiful tune!
Just outstanding!
Good music is played well. Yay!

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