Nada - Crimson Games

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Yeap. This time I felt that these two SIDs were actually "reluctantly made" to be joined together into a lounge composition. I played the bass and some guitar bits, added some MIDI electric piano and MIDI strings; but, the real treat was that both SID melodies brought the remix to the level I wanted. I'm very glad that most of you enjoyed this track. Many, many thanks.
This is really good and I would say there is definately more Deek than Daglish in this remix - LOVELY Drums
Ooh, this is rather nice. Lots of laid back feel, good choice of instruments underpinned by some lovely drums, it works really well.
Another great track from "Mr Lounge". Great drums and good use of SID
Relaxing and good tune, thats what I needed ;)
Superb elegant funky stuff! Love the drums and bass, but I would put a bit of wah-wah on that sid lead.;)
Great remix again.... It's like a combination between Gainsbourg and Money Mark.. Great vibe, I love it...
Yeah it does has a good vibe... Nice use of the SID, I love SIDs mixed in well. A nice relaxing remix. A nice tune to smoke up to.
I don't quite know where to put this one. I like its lounginess, I am not too enthused about the arrangement (esp. The World Games parts), production quality is great, but it doesn't really gel with me. Dunno. Fairly good, question mark?...
"Kingsized" Crimson and Stuff! Really great!
This tune has grown on me. It has to be listened few times to perceive every detail. Great Job Nada!!
Nada keeps impressing!
I really do enjoy listening to your stuff nada, bloody impressive as always.
Hmm. Some interesting ideas that lack a degree of refinement.
What an interesting sound experiment! I'm impressed. And I like the speech samples.
I love it. Opening drums + bass are excellent. I wish though that Fanfare for the common man had been a bit more in time with the rest of the tune.
I definitely love your style!
Wow... Great tune...... I started learning the bass a month ago and having so much fun trying to figure out this one. Feel of the tune is so relaxing...

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