Egg In Space

Track info
Arranged by:
Nada Veteran
Composed by:
Steve Barrett (The Eggman)
All-Time charts position:
The opening bit is very nice, but when the SID background kicks in with bits over the top, it's just a bit messy. Real shame because the remix parts on their own stand up.
Brave attempt at mixing raw SID with a great jazzy / loungey arrangement. Extra points for innovation.
Yes, very nice attempt but it didn't really caught me....
There are some parts I like but then there are parts of this song I don't like at all. That's why I only give a good.
Very very nicely done
Sometimes quite strange and disturbing, but the next second I became surprised by that intriguing twists. This is really great stuff - I needed to listen more than once to realize that!
Too SIDdish (in a bad way), with some sounds only on the left and others only on the right. Sucks if you use headphones!
If you listen to it more closley, its a really good tune.
Didn't really take to it but I reckon Nada and Infy should do something radical together ;)
Peculiar little thing this one, not really my cup of noodles (or tea for that matter).
Good, enjoyable
Good intro, other stuff lack of emotion. I like idea of it :D
Nice :)

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