Nada - Ghouls Rocksteady

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Nada Veteran
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*Please listen to the original SID (Ghouls 'n Ghosts subtune 8) because it isn't a very popular SID and only a few know it (pity, though)
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Intersting, def interesting but just didnt seem to work for me, could have been a really nice piece of ska
Different take on this tune for sure, but it might be a bit too repetitive for some people's liking. With some tweaking this could be a winner.
Hahaha brilliant! Very well done!
Hehe. Very tongue in cheek mix and very well done.
I like it a lot! Smooth guitars going on here!
Excellent :D
I love it! Well executed (and especially nice horns!)
Just brilliant. The horns arrangement reminds me of The Cardiacs, the whole thing has a nice jammin' feel.
Sounds like the ordinary boy's in places crossed with a bit of the old ska styles, its missing something though and im not sure what it is.
And now something completly different...:-)
Really excellent remix, but you need to make sure all the instrumentation is as tight as it can get, some bits feel really sloppy or as if they are rushing ahead of the beat. The production work could do with some volume balancing and slight compression.
Now this is fun! :D Sounds very authentic. UPDATE: Had to give this an Outstanding instead of "just" Very Good. This is brilliant!
I love this ska rhythm!:))
Are these real instruments? If so, good to know that there are still people who can play real instruments. If not, good work, you made it sound real. But all in all, this is only (good) Average.
I think is remix is just really, really great. Sounds so authentic and like a band? How is this done? Is this a band playing? Don't know or recognise the original so hard to say something about the 'remix-factor'
Polka / Ska for Ghouls´n Ghosts? Ahhhhhhhhhh :-) But for live it´s good.
This is something new and shiny :P. I adore the jazz/ska feeling - especially the sax. Everything works well together here - NOTHING sounds even a bit off.
Nice twist.

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