Nada - Loungin' Ghouls (Final)

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Nada Veteran
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Like the idea, but why is everything so quiet? Nada has interesting take on things.
Nada is coming on nicely but I think this one is a step back. The leads all cuts itself and with such a long attack sounds odd. The whole mix is too low and it could have been so much better..
Def an improvement on the original incarnation
Quite liked this, a different idea even if it's not always there in terms of sound. Parts of it get a bit repetitive, but there's enough there to keep it interesting. Maybe a little bit of over-reliance on the SID sounds here?
Its quite nice but no golden apple.
Original thing based on my favourite composer Tim Follon.
Haha! Like this one! Kinda mellow, kinda relaxed, kinda laid back but STILL got its style and spirit "between the lines"! Listen to it more often and you'll understand... ;-D Although there's still room for improvement of this for an 'outstandi
Simple and a really "peaceful" tune to listen to. Lacks just a little bit to get a "Very Good" mark. But other than that it's a Good with a capital G-song.
Damn.... He did it again ;-)
Not my style, but still good.
Nada certainly knows how to create a scary atmosphere in his tunes. Trippy!
He does so well what I do so wrong. Keeping it empty and open... Just the few right ingredients to set the vibe and voila.... Done.. Really talented this guy. No sure about some drumloops though...
Nice one somehow, but also something missing, I don't know what it is.
Lacking quite a bit of groove for being laid back. I like the "re-grooved" version a lot more.
Really love that tune! Loungin' fits the tune too.

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