Nada - Loungin' Ghouls (ReGrooved)

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Nada Veteran
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Weird thing. Some parts sound nice, others totally off the mark. Dance beat does not match the rest in some parts, too.
Something different...
Oops! WEIRD indeed! :-D But somehow like it! It also IS different for sure! Nice effort anyways... Maybe the mastering could have need some more tweaking in the end for orange or better...;-)
Could have been done much better. Remove kick & hats and it is better already.
A very good idea, but not a good improvement for this Follin remix
I like the bass-line and how everything comes together, but the dance beat doesn't fit into the whole thing.
Nice weirdness! The beat is too ridget, only changing every minute or so, while every other instrument seems to be improvising.
Ok, I guess.
More spooky stuff! Well done :)
Relaxed. Groovy. Interesting. I like it somehow.
Great how the bass and drums come it.. Very spooky and Tom Waitish... Really, really nice vibe! (just get rid of the filtering, doesn't fit this atmosphere)
I agree with reyn. Definitely keeps my feet tapping. One of my all-time favs! For those who are sceptical, play a bit with the equalizer to "enhance the groove" :D that does mean that the mixing could've been a bit better though... A bit...;)
Its excellent, but the drums do spoil it somewhat... If they werent there I'd give this a red one.

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