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The only guitar style I can play efficiently is that in the likes of Grant Green, Melvin Sparks, Gene Bertoncini etc, that is, jazz guitarists who recorded for Blue Note records. That's my style, along with hammond organ, brass and funky drums.

When I listened to the Paperboy Sid, I felt that it would be a great opportunity to make a remix on that "soul-jazz, hammond grooves" style.

I simply used my Gibson Les Paul to play all guitar and bass parts(!) and some drum sounds from a real drummer. The hammond rhythm part I made it in Cubase, using the B4 plugin. The lead hammond and the brass bits are royalty free loops, pitch-shifted and cut'n'pasted.

The actual song that inspired me to make this remix was Billy Butler's "The Twang Thang"
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Nada, you rock! I'm not going to say this is flawless, but it's got an unbeatable feel (and a good beat ;) ). It just feels so alive and organic! Top stuff in my book!
Completely laid back with such a groove you cant help but get up and girate
This is rather nice and laid back, and it just has the right side of lounge lizard feel to make you chilled out and relaxed. Excellent stuff, this.
Very well done from Nada again.
Very boring. Sorry
Well done but not my kind of music I like...
Thats cool I like it!
Ahh, brilliant execution, this is a music!:)
I just love the vibe in this. Great job!
I like the feel to this song, calm and not to many mega-effects. Just like it should be.
Ooh, yeah, definately outstanding!!!
Chill out.
What a cool jazzy sound!
Nada has been listening to Moog's remixes - this is just SMOOTH!!!
Nice jazzy version of paperboy.. Feels very "Live".. Sort of music you'd hear in a late 60's bar, great stuff.
Stylooooeeeee! :-) How funny is that now! Nice jazz-like club-feeling and laid back! Great atmosphere here! Hahaha! Cool thaaang!
Wow, funky, moody and uplifting. Perfect music when driving a car.
Not my cup of tea, not perfect, but thiz effort has to be honored... At least with an orange :)
Very relaxed! Not too long. And my gf likes it too ;)
I see this as the main tune of Paperboy 2006 ;) The main guitar could have been muted differently in the beginning.
Nicely done.
Besides a few timing issues and the fact the rhythm is slightly stiff and one dimentional, this is a classy and inspiring piece of work, very funky!
Analog rulz digital, y'hear me - I mean him? ! Sorry my minds totally laid bare at the mo.
This is *very* nice and wellcrafted.. Congratulations!
Groovy. This one gives me Ronny Jordan vibes. Very very nice!
I like this, it seems a moby tune
Stylish swing version. Not my cup of... Youknowwhat.
A great remix again.. I like it when it's not timed and played on the grid to get a nice live feel, although this one could just need a little beatdetective. A bit over the line. But instrumentation etc is great. And very Ronny Jordan indeed, Zyron.
This one works for me fine.
Um... Yeah! Nicely done indeed.

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