Nada - Vendetta (Hop Void Remix)

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Nada Veteran
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Well produced but this kind of music leaves me cold
It's well done, but I feel the speech samples are overlly used and somewhat killed it.
Nice groove, but nothing much happens. Also, the "sucker" sample wears thin by the end of it though, and simply annoys on subsequent spins.
Intriguing mix of the original SID tune plus instruments. Maybe needs more work, but this is promising stuff from Nada. Maybe replace the SID with a good rendition of the tune next time though?
Without "lyrics" this could have been a nice level background for "Kingpin - Life Of Crime". The "sucker" sucks.
Ok, a bit boring...
The same strange groove as the SID. That´s cool! I love the sound-picture, but I don´t like the speech samples.
The use of the samples ruin the tune somewhat, it reminds me of one of them badly done 80's remix tapes you could buy back in the day.. Also the tune itself is pretty uneventful.. A pretty poor showing for mr nada
Nice tune, but too much samples that doesn't make any sense.
Great if you're in that kind of mood.
Some weak segments and the samples ruin it. They just don't fit.
This is TOO simple and misses some attention spots.. Get's a bit boring and then the vocal samples get a bit irritating...
I like'd the Matt Gray original a lot... This song just makes my day...
The speech samples seem to be too randomly played. The entire tune sounds un-whole somehow.

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