(name removed per request) - Double Density Commercial (RKO edit)

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Arranged by:
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Markus Schneider
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Finally, a remix of this music, I wait for years. It changes from the 50 versions of human race
This sounds great! And yes I'm also happy someone chooses a song which hasn't already been remixed!
Finally, Double Density remixed! One of my fav Schneider tunes - and its remix is pretty good! It feels thin at times, leaves me feeling asking for more, but it's pretty good!
Much energy is always good(unless it's death metal ofc) :)
Yeah, it's one of Schneiders best musics. This remake is very good but when the "disco beat" starts it loses a bit.
Sounds like a sid chip on steroids
Absolutely great use of good old sid sound and more modern approach. Intro is phenomenal but I'll have to agree with Arne, the mood just changes too much in just a few seconds it's like a different song in the second half.
I absolutly like this keep on that great work
I really like this remix quite a VERY lot!! :-D (although it lacks the beginning of its original remix-version (which I still prefer even more though!;-) )
Like the flow of it, would like some variety, but good work
Very great remix of a very great SID tune.
Good vibes, smooth strings

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