NecroPolo - Bionic Commando stage 4 (Dale vs Wray mix)

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'Ello y'all!

Here's my humble take on Tim Follin's brilliant SID, using some guitars that kick the mouth of some poor ancient amps pretty hard. It's the 11th of the tenpack of SID remixes I started a couple of months ago. Last things first sort of first thing. This tune was sent to AROK 2009 8-bit rmx compo. Unfortunately the huge reverb of the gym, where the compo was held, made it a mess there so not a single note was clearly recongnisable - not even by me

What else could I tell you guys besides the info that you can figure out by yourselves...? ;-)

Due to some flu I was partially deaf when the guitars were shot. I was totally tone blind so it's quite a luck that the remix ended up this way. It was a very hot night, somewhere in June I guess. I left a window open somewhere and a curious black cat sneaked in the mixing room during the solo take. Main lights were off, I had no proper hearing so I did not notice the poor bastard until I accidentally threw my T-shirt to the corner where he was hiding. Imagine that you're a cat, listening to ugly noises and a black evil stinking monster flies towards you. MEEEEOOOOW!!! Then, imagine a man who sees the whole backroom starting to fall apart with such a noise that doesn't tell if it's a mutant grizzly bear or a kiddy hedgehog in the dark. AAAAAAARGHHHH!!! After nearly 20 seconds of total chaos&mayhem and running around scared in the dark, chasing each other, falling through things and screaming, finally, the cat ended up inside my rack behind preamps and such stuff. That was the point when I realised that a mutant grizzly won't fit in 3U rack space, well, unless it's REALLY mutant. It took half an hour to mine the cat out of them bogged cables and an additional half to re-plug everything and find some milk...

Stuff that were blown, smashed, used
inappropriately, damaged, stolen, scared or lost during the recording:

- 1x old tube amp;
- 1x even older tube amp;
- 1x older-than-you amp;
- 1x home-made reverb tank;
- 1x Squier '51 (after recording the solo it became '49);
- 2x sets of extra heavy gauge strings (13+);
- unpleasant number of tortured picks;
- 2x BOSS brewtalisers;
- 3x sets of fingers;
- 1x copy of Golden Aye;
- 5x old BATMAN (tm) comics;
- 1x smoking cat;
- 1x mutant grizzly;
- 3x misc. furniture;
- 7x wooden floor tiles;
- 1x stinking evil (tm) T-shirt;
- 1x box of detergent;
- 8x neighbours with stringosonic insomnia;
- 2x lemon;
- 1x rabid eclectic blender.

edit: Thanks for all the feedback, guys! The tenpack remix album is on the way, with some cool oddities ;)

Teo: No, bro, really, your tune became the straight winner of the compo, and was #1 for a reason. Your Cauldron rmx was the most impressive tune on the event, through the big PA it ate alive all others. I voted that #1 there, and I'll still stand for that. I hope next year we can meet personally there - or at least another remixes can compete

Great "live" feeling with this track, with a cheeky pastiche at the end. Good stuff!
Whow! Have not this weird spooky atmosphere from the original but a really good partyfeeling remix.
Its really a good remix fits to the sid. For my tatse its loud and chaotic and I not really like this.
Its insanely brilliant, if you had Dick Dale & Duane Eddy on acid making a James Bond & Peter Gunn musical lovechild, this is the result!, a superb remix and a helluva debut :)
I've always wanted someone to cover this track (and level three) from Bionic Commando, excellent rendition :)
The result was worth the blown, smashed, used inappropriately, damaged, stolen, scared or lost... STUFF! XD Brilliant guitars!
Awesome tune, and pretty well executed, I liked the variation at the end. It should have won Arok too, big up!
"Music to my ears" :)
Not bad, but a little too psychedelic for my taste!
Great!!!!!! I like Remixes played more with hands and less with PC
Hard stuff!!
It seems ouf from a Q. Tarantinos movie.

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