NecroPolo - Electric Jesus

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Electric Jesus
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I started this one during Intensity's lifetime. We never talked a single word but this hypnotic SID was among the first ones that were recommended to me by Vincenzo in 2009 to check what I missed in the last 15 years. It instantly burnt into my mind. I admired his music much and I wanted to say hello/thanks with a remix. I missed the opportunity. You can't know how much time you have for things, only one thing is sure: less.

Arman... Rest In Peace brother.


If you wish, please also check the Hardread / BitJam podcast, dedicated to him:


I'd like to say thanks for the staff for giving the permission to use their banner for my remix here.



About production/recording, the electro part was created back in early 2010 and it started to eat dust as we formed SIDrip Alliance and all the numerous things happened to me to burn time, not relating here. I used Zeta and MiniMonsta but first and foremost, a LOT of genuine SID sounds. The drums are Superior 2.0 this time as the rest of the track was created and mixed/mastered during the night before the ÁROK2012 remix compo.

The bass is a G&L 2500L that was borrowed by 2010 SIDrip member Küki. The 6-string axe is my zebrano top Warmoth. About the guitar gear, I could tell you all the best about AMT Electronics preamps that were used, even if I wasn't an endorser / /. This is a P1 preamp, just its built-in cab simulator out plugged directly into my trusty old TLAudio front end. Because of spine problems, I had to put my heavy touring rig (2 amp heads, 2 cabs) on a diet late last year so I started to search for the lightest solution that is still uncompromisng about sound and feel. AMT gear saved me from a lot of pain and replaced my tube amps that I bumped around in the last 20 years or so. About sound and feel, I'd admit that it's not a step-back and compromise but improvement only. Ask our stage mixing mastermind Vincenzo, he will add, 'a serious improvement'


For a closing line: Thank you, everyone @ ÁROK Party!

Not exactly my cup of tea however I do generally enjoy industrial metal. Props for professional sound quality and performance.
Sorry but I can't be objective - original sid is one of my favorite music and this remix is OUTSTANDING. Pure energy everywhere.
Love the guitars!!! Awesome!!!
Great as it is!
Thank you for pointing out the tragic fate of Armand, his outstanding SID, and this outstanding remix.
Love it.
Not bad, funny melody with rytm and brio.
Great remix, has it all what's needed!
I'm not a metal fan per se, but I know when it is well done. This is well done.
Very well done!
Well fcuk me.. Very nice sound, very powerful and has a good industrial feel to it.. Very professional sound. Not much else I can say.. Fantastic stuff.
Ouch! Loud! Absolutely not my cup of tea!
Just awesome great. This rocks!!! Red smile, because there is no higher one!
Nice guitars but a bit loud...
Great tribute, awesome guitars - thanks a lot!
Powerful & Sweet as always, a masterpiece!
Awesome. Love me some rock, and you do Armand's tune supurbly.
Awesome Remix, so much energy! Arman was a legend. He and his music will be missed.

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