Bump Set Spike (Schizo Classical Remix)

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Arranged by:
Composed by:
Rob Hubbard
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I enjoyed this very much!
Great piece and great arrangment, nice work! :D
THIS IS TREMENDOUS. That is all. O/ :D
Nice use of dynamics. I can sense skilled hands. It was a fun listening.
This is really an awesome arrangement... Definitely done by a skilled person :)
An impressive piece of music
Well done!
Is this a MIDI file? Sounds so artificial!
That was unexpected and very enjoyable. Omoroca... Seriously?
A joy to listen to; always nice to hear nice orchestral work that is well mixed. Ignore the obvious troll from omoroca.
Agree with Drax... This is special no doubt about it... Well done Nicklas.. This is in my top 5 all time tracks, Pleeeeeease do more as this is very special, breathe of fresh air!!!
What drax said :D
WOW! So whats the name of the movie that this soundtrck originate:P
Beautiful classical piece!
Really nice executed! I give you a red face most of all for that, but also because omoroca is such a pain in the ass.
What an arragement. Outstanding work, very vibrant and so alive! You should see my smile.. ;D - Red Face!
Really too flat midi soundblaster sound

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