nightwolf - Turrican 2 Level 1 Dance remix

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nightwolf Remixer
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It's ok, but the volume levels are completely off! The bass and bdrum are way too loud. Nice dance effort though.
Original is still better. I have to agree with makke.
Nice dance implementation of a great tune but -- once again -- the bass and drums are too loud in the mix.
As said, the original is better. This remix is simply to simple.
Straight to the point, nothing special 1:1 remix which sounds fine in my speakers (you guy's need to invest :p)
This was actually quite ok until the slow part started. It's way off, totally wrong bassline that doesn't match the melody, and doesn't suit the rest of the tune either. But I like the idea of making it more unzy :)
I like this, but kjetiln is right, the slow part is wrong (I just checked, your remix from 29/10/2005 had the same prob). Correct this and it would have been an orange...:)
It works... But the slow part (1:51... ) sounds horrible. I think, the correct bassline for your version should be: Ab, A, Ab, F#, E, Ab, F# ;)
Bass and BD are fine, guys :-) I like this one better than the one from last year.
Got to give this a yellow one because I just love the tune, but it could have been done much better.
Very boring drums and bass, ruined slow part.
One of the very best "desert rocks" remixes out there
Nice done but the bass blows my ears to another planet. XD

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