Wings of Death Level 06 - Nils Schneider Remix

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Arranged by:
Composed by:
Jochen Hippel
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Another faithful cover by Nils "WOD" Schneider. I can't wait for the remake of this shoot 'em up to be released. Nils did a great work in capturing Jochen Hippel's spirit.
Absolutely. Although heres too much reverb again. Nils is the God of WOD-Remixes...
I think its not easy to recreate WoD
Almost a red one, but it misses that little extra "push" in it to make it all the way.
Nicely executed remix/cover, seems like it's missing something to make it a red smiley though!
Klingt echt geil! Super, gratuliere!
Without a doubt the best of Nils' remixes for Blazing Wings. For a moment I actually thought this was MadMax
I don't know why but I feel thats something is missing or the track is a little to fast
Well done. That rocks.^^

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