Noize8 - Spy vs Spy

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Gritty strings and guitars, and a thumping rhythm section. I like it!
Yeah, me too. This is really unusual, I like the sound. Cool drums. A bit short though, therefore only an orange rating, but tending to red.
Nice and unusual. Perhaps it's just me but the overused (in commercial music these days) glitch-effect on the first part of the solo guitar got me very bored. Luckily the effect didn't last for the whole tune :)
The arrangement is on the simple side, I am not too crazy abut the grittiness of the tune, either. Nice ingredients, but they should've been cooked more.
A brave arrangment with odd itsrumentation but it works really well the distant pizzicato is especially good
I like it. Actually there is a strange arrangement between 0:50 and 1:00 where is sounds like the beats do not fit. Keeps me searching for other bits that do not fit ;o) Very good anyway because it is a good interpretation...
Everything is good except for the guitar. It is too much for me.
Very fresh take on this tune (at least to me - even if it's six years old)! At first it felt a bit "uncomfortable", but it really grew on me. Listening over and over...

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