Novaload - Sanxion Loader

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Novaload Remixer
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Nicely done another good remix this day :P and I like the sid
An ok attempt. I think the leads sound average mind and could it be me but it doesnt sound quite right after 2minutes.
It's nice, but nothing earth-shattering. The lead is too high-pitched or just too thin. The rest sounds well-done.
I like it :)
BRILLIANT! Good to hear a classic that hasnt been killed with crap lyrics
Sounds like the c64 sid which is good but no better and I agree with "commodoremuseum" about no crap lyrics which I can not stand in c64 remixes.
Comparing to the existing remixes of Sanxion I personally think this one is kinda good, but besides the fact that it sounds 80ish it's a bit too lifeless...
A well done remix, excellent mastering and nice instruments! But I miss something new...
Typical case of already remixed too often. My favorite Sanxions are Tron's on Syntax Era and Abbott's on BIT1. 10 years earlier and this version would've been outstanding, nowadays it's "only" good.
Very nice oldschool remix! You deserve the highest praise for NOT using annoying vocals!;)
A nice version of a pretty badass original SID. Feels like a racing car with a 1200ccm engine. I miss the balls. The mid-part cries for better instruments.
Well done, but doesn't stand out. The original melody itself makes this a worthful listen, thugh =)
Good Remix
Thin lead, too silent, second minute can be better (darker, powerfull). But almost an orange one.
Nice Loader

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