o2 - Monty of the run

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Arranged by:
o2 Veteran
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Original composed by:
Rob Hubbard
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Sounds so organic, def not one for the car but the mix is uber slick with great use of the original sid. Its about time someone did this sid real proud and here it is....
Classical o2! I love how this Monty remix actually sounds like a Ghosts & Goblins remix! Fantastic!
It's obviously very well done, but so completely at odds with my internal version of the tune that I have a hard time actually liking it.
It's very nicely done with good use of the SID and organic sounds, but it just doesn't sound so manic enough to be MOTR. That said there's plenty of lovely instruments and it's a darned fine listen. If only we had PPOT and Pascal Roggen's violin....
The bell which rings sounds alllll so wrong and I'm not convinced at all by the mix.. It sounds thin and empty. O2 is farrrrr better than this.
Oh... Two!
I've been a bit tired of this tune. Though it's one of the better remixes of it. Very good arrangement, though it's a bit on the boring side.
Yes, I know, it's original but IMO misses so much what has made the original so great: the hectic, the wild solos...
I don´t like the intro. But the rest is great!
I like o2's stuff, but here.....
Have no idea what Carsten had in mind doing this. There are some nice ideas... But I miss something...
Wow! Differs pretty _much_from my intentions of a remix of that tune though! ;-) But it's very well done and technically pretty cool!!
Have not the energy from the original sid but still good
Nice to have a different take on this tune. Perfectly executed.
A bit more laid back then the original, but it's about time somebody remixed this great tune.
Different approach here from Carsten Ohlsen. Harder to get used to than the old Jarresque stuff, but very artistic and spheric anyway. Added to my collection.
This was just akeward, strange
Very good production, ideas and stuff, but compared to the original it's a little sleepy - that's my only complain...
Nice downtempo mix.
Awesome remix.
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On my first listen to this track I thought not bad, but when you take into consideration that the original sid track was so fast and full of life - then come back and take another listen to o2's effort then it really is nice and refreshing to take a totally different take on this top C64 track !!! what's the point of matching the original sid track every time !! after all this is a REMIX !!!!