Formular 1 Simulator

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Rob Hubbard
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Really good remix this but somehow doesnt capture the original SID very well
Agreed with the above.... Something def missing cos otherwise its a nice cover
Nice use of F1 engine noises throughout (but where's Murray Walker when you need him? ). Seriously, it sounds a bit lightweight, there's no real bass oomph, shame really as it's quite promising.
No real baseline in this which makes it feel a bit like it's missing something, never the less it's still pretty good.
This is plain annoying :)
Loving the drumbeat on this, the structure and the synths n stuff go well together and its all very well produced.. What I think perplexes everyone else is someone else has already done what they feel is the "definitive" f1 simulator remix ^^
Just needs something to brighten up the mix abit.
I know what you meant but it gets on my nerves a bit.
The flair of the sid goes completly lost :-(
It's an okay remix, but not much more than that. More instruments would've helped as it sounds shallow.
Don't like the lead instrument and those frequency slides it does, makes it sound winey :(
Great, but maybe a little flat.
Always loved OJ's stuff, love this one too! The drum track simply rocks.
Sounds dirty and doesn't appeal to me in any way. On the edge of Poor!
Many things I like and few that I don't. It is pretty powerful so I ejoyed it quite much.
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I lack more "depth" in the lead instrument.