OJ Oscillation - Uridium

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S Turner made his music via very small note patterns and whilst I like the base here its too loud for the main lead which is lost and the shortness of the notes to the original tune get lost - nice try but too much base
Interesting approach, but I have to agree with chilli_uk.
My only problem with this is its too short!, but what is here is f*****g excellent, go do an extended version!!
Not my cup of tea, sorry. I guess I dislike the arrangement. Sounds too "Amiga".
Almost a brand new tune fantastic too short if there is ever ever a remake of the game this should be the title
Nice approach, and certainly sounds different along the way. However, the lead is a bit lost in the mix, and sounds a bit wayward in parts.
Interesting thing... Cool sounds, but all put together as an Amiga demotrack from 2001. Anyway, good!
Nice one. But the beats are a little dull. Otherwise great.
I like this one!!! In some weird way, with it's synthy sounds, it reminds me of Uridium. If Uridium had been made today this is how the song would've sounded...
I prefer the version that Boz made in 2000.
Meh, it's nice enough, but doesn't hold my interest. It doesn't have that punch, that pizzaz that would make it a great Uridium remix.
Not bad at all - it's a very hard tune to remix, you did good.
Nice idea, but bass is too present... So lead is a bit lost, please a reworked extended version :)
Nice one!

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