Paul Nelsen - Defender of the Crown medley (grand piano)

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Paul Nelsen Remixer
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Pretty straightforward covers of all of DotC subtunes. Your piano skills are indisputable, but I wish the subtunes were linked together with some bridge sections.
Does anyone else thinks a colab with paul and an orchestral expert like Markus Schneider or Glyn R Brown would work so well?
Very midi and so no dynamic... Much too less effort, sorry.
Nicely done even though it's just playing by numbers.
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Welcome to Remix64, Paul. I was intrigued to know how your 16 uploads were constructed, (Wow!, that's some entry to the remix scene). So, I followed the link you provided to your YouTube page. Clearly, you are a more than competent pianist and there are some covers of C64 tunes on there that I wouldn't have imagined someone would tackle with a single piano, (even a Steinway grand...). So, to business! IMHO a number of your initial batch of uploads don't really lend themselves to a solo piano representation, (even though they're overdubbed). This one however, does! Full marks for playing the individual pieces 'live' but; for the mistakes that you didn't go back and correct It's '10 points away from Gryffindor'. You've got incredibly fast hands but that doesn't excuse incorrect or missed notes when the opportunity exists, to redo parts, individually. From an arrangement point of view, (and I feel qualified to say this) the pieces are 'bog standard'. None of the individual subtunes vary in any way from the original SID/Amiga versions. I can't imagine you have reached your standard of playing without developing the ability to substitute alternate chords and progressions in order to take the 'remix' to somewhere else. The Steinway badly needs tuning. In some parts it almost gets close to sounding like a 'saloon upright' and this detracts from the listening quality. Overall, I'm impressed with your playing ability, (and a little jealous too)... and you have a cat. So, that makes you a certain kind of cool and nice person (for which I'll score you a little extra). Please make another remix. I'd love you to really stretch your ability and include other instruments, (real or synthetic).