Peacemaker - The Suicide Commando of a Green Beret

Track info
Arranged by:
Peacemaker Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Martin Galway
All-Time charts position:
This Song is dedicated to people who listen to bands like:
Suicide Commando, Front Line Assembly, Velvet Acid Christ, Mentallo & The Fixer, Feindflug, Funker Vogt etc.

I am sure you people will get my idea with this remix.
To the other guys, who are waiting for more, new, variations of the melody and so on, I have to disappoint you.
That is not what this kind of Music (EBM, Industrial etc) is about.

Yours, Peacemaker / HiTMEN

Technically Ok but too by-the-numbers for my taste!
... Was about to give this tune a orange face after high expectations at the beginning of the tune, but the build-up never takes off into anything new or interesting. But the sound got potential :-)
I like it. With a more powerful kick it would be orange.
One of the best Remix ever. Sounds like an real Suicide Commando track mixed with the Green Beret Melody.
Solid one.
Actually... Have heard better stuff, and about that material... Thanks but: no
Different, in a good way
Nice peace of work
The acid/industrial style is spot on, but the arrangement doesn't excite me much.
I don't know Suicide Commando, but I don't think Green Beret fits in with it that well.
I'm off to look for some industrial.
The tune, just as the original, never takes off. This is a bit annoying, just as the original, so I'd say it's indeed a good remix. Maybe some more vocals would've been nice, I don't know.
Different, and pretty good.
Fetzig gutes Tempo
Where's the nearest dance floor?
The darkest and most dramatic remix so far. Certainly lives up to its title.
A bit flat.

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