Arkanoid (Vocanoid a-crapella mix)

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Martin Galway
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Arkanoid (Vocanoid mix) was the first tune by Perhaps-a-Doobie, and is made up completely with the human voice. I had to cheat a little to get some of the really high notes on the backing instruments, but I pretty much left most of the vocals as they were, just adding a nice reverb/delay on them.

The bouncy bassline is credited to D.J. Znekk, who as most of you probably know by now, was Kenz!

The Splonge! at the end is how I got my alter ego name, M.C.Splonge.

The reason for all of this alter-ego stuff? Well, Perhaps-a-Doobie was created purely because I wanted to separate them from my more serious made by Boz stuff. P-a-D are out there purely to have fun, mainly using vocals in some way. Boz is a bit more grown up! (Although most people would argue...)
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Just the catchiest strangest wierd tune you'll ever hear... Waiting for the fart in a lift version now
Splonge!!! Great idea, this whole thing! Not perfectly executed, thus only "Very Good". But cool stuff anyway!
The is just genius,, mad as a brush and it works perfectly.
Batty delightful song!

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