Perhaps-a-Doobie - Think Twice III (Now You're Not Here)

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I'm back with a sad-but-true song about my relationship over last Christmas.

Sung in my unique, award-winning(*) vocal style as usual. Since my last track, I have had singing lessons from Blazin' Squad, Victoria Beckham, One True Voice and Lagerfeldt's autotune system.

Please enjoy me singing my guts out.

(*) The "We Hope You Shut Up if We Give You This" award


You're not here and now I'm lonely,
I'm lonely, I'm lonely,
Yes I'm on my own,
Now you're not here... now you're not here.

You threw lots of crockery at me,
They hit me, they hurt me
And you told me to eat
A bowl of fuck... a bowl of fuck.

Sweet thing,
Do you remember the beginning,
When you leaned on that wall
And I said, "hello",
You said "FUCK OFF!", you said "fuck off!"

But now those happy days are gone,
And here I am, wanking on the john,
I remember when we met, I shouted out,
"You and me babe.... we can make it... YOU BITCH!"

I won't have a merry Christmas,
Since you left, and took the
Number sixty-four bus,
To Milton Keynes... to Milton Keynes

My New Year is looking better,
Now you've left and I'm here, dating
Kylie Minogue
Her arse is ACE, better than yours.
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Power Ballad Perhaps-a-Doobie style! Genius Lyrics with mention of Milton Keynes and Kylie Minogue - what else do you want!:)
Oh yeah! Perhaps-a-Doobie in the house! Gave me a good few laughs. More of this!
Heh, love the "high notes" and some classic lyrics
Not the funniest I've heard from perhaps. Strangely this would have made an outstanding serious mix (The backing music is so good).
If the singing would be better... I have gave a red one - but still very funny ;-)
Haaa!!!! Absolutely f'king tremendous!
The vocals sound awful!
Great humour and nice execution.:)
Funny lyrics, very nice remix...
Eat a bowl of fuck :D
Interesting arrangement but the vocals... I don't know...
Pretty funny.:)
It's him how we know him.
Like the voice, very weird!
Surely is a parodie here... But... Well.... NOPE!! _THIS_ is not my style here now!! Aaaaarghhhlll... The _voice_ kills it definitely!:-)
It's so bad its amusing. The lyric is a classic.
Eeeehehe! :) I bet you are one helluwa kareoke singer!
Argh! Your voice is a sweet nightmare... However is a good work.
It's so bad, that it's good.
Damn what a terrible remix.
Lyrics - top. Vocals - horrible. Music - ok. 'nuff said.
So bad and so good at the same time :) Just can't beat the Boz thing, LMAO
An unbearable & enjoyable Boz's song, Takeshi no Chōsenjō's karoke, ftw!
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AAuuuggghhh make it stop awful singing please ears bleeding can't see to unplug the speakers funny lyrics will haunt me forever someone please please unplug the speakers have mercy how can a human voice warble so much the lyrics are so catchy oh FOR THE LOVE OF GHOD NO IT'S ON A LOOP....

{collapses in a twitching heap on the floor}