Forbidden Forest

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Arranged by:
Composed by:
Paul Norman
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Back in Time 2
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The perfect remix arrangement to the perfect game soundtrack! Forbidden Forest is still what I compare most horror soundtracks to, and this arrangement keeps the original feel, while enhancing the soundscape! Excellent!
Fabulous rendition of a fantastic piece of music
Holy cow. Connelly's work on this is brilliant. Picture Tomb Raider meets Castlevania meets 64 remix. I have no words for this and bow in respect.
I always have to think of the C64Mafia lyrics when I hear the Forbidden Forest melody. :-) But this version is more genuine and sticks more to the original idea of the SID. Well done!
Great arrangement. Any chance of Forbidden Forest 2 in this style as well?
This one is simply perfect.
Nicely preserves the creepiness of the original

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