Peter W - Albedo (The 80s Mix)

Track info
Arranged by:
Peter W Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Gilles Soulet
All-Time charts position:
You definately nailed the 80's feel with this remix. Great sound and a good interesting arrangement. Good work!
Great sounds and a nice atmosphere. Maybe the lead sound at 2'10 is too common to have me raising to "outstanding"
Too cut it short: Good work!
Very cool, great rendition!
Really nice one. For me one of the best mixes in the last months.
Terrific, just really terrific... Even better than RunStop's version! Been waiting for this to be available after playing on Slaygon's show...
Fantastic and really one of the best remixes over the last months! Keep on rockin mate!
Omg it's the 80's!:)
Haven't even finished listening the track and I already love it. Solid work!
Very good remix. I like sound selecetions & start.
You really nailed this one, Herr W! Love the sound and arrangement.
Promising start. Suberb quality on the pads, but base, drums and melodies come out quite dull.
Love it and as most say you nailed the 80's sound.... Great mixing as well...
Very commercial - like it tons!
Very good remix! Good work!
I've always liked your tunes here on r64, Peter W.:)
Just WOW! Goood Work :)
A bit amigaish, but wasn't that also part of 80's?:)
Good arrangement, good production. Consistent with Peter W's great library of mixes.
Superb, what a flashback :)
WOW WOW WOW! Fantastic!
Surpasses SuperNerd LightForce Remix to be my favorite remix on this site.
This track is really cool
What a thumping dance track. Excellent mix - one of the best I have heard this year!
Like it!
Reminds me of them beautifully constructed and produced '80 disco tracks. Good work!
It made my evening! Congrats!!;)
Best remix I've heard so far.
Way better than RunStop's remixes imho

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