Peter W - Cooperation Demo (Peter W RMX)

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Arranged by:
Peter W Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Kim Christensen (Future Freak)
All-Time charts position:
Nice powerfull sounding trance remix
I love this tune. It's simply awesome!
Nice athmosphere
Pure Power! I heard it once, I heard it twice and I am still listening to that great masterpiece.
Me like!
After I thought trance is dead I think im completly wrong. Brilliant!
Catchy as hell. I just wish the backbeat would blend in a little more, things feel a little too separate.
Yeah, love it!
Mixing good, intro very well but all song boring, original melody always good
Now, this remix is a killer of an excellent song! The beginning felt not too much, but wow that just blew the lid off totally! You managed to capture all the details in this song. And Yes you beat my version big times ;)
Not my fav style but it's perfect in its own league. I really like the sound/mixing.
Not my style, but technically brilliant and has a nice nostalgic feel to it!
Listening back to Peter's stuff from 2007/08, I don't really hear any significant development in music or sound content. Don't get me wrong! It's a good remix but doesn't really push anymore boundaries than Peter's tunes from 5 years ago
Sounds polished and well arranged. Genre is close to my heart aswell and tune is great so what else you can say :)
Clear, bright mix. The arrangement could've used some spicing up (more breaks, more backbeat variations?).
Peter definitely got sound in his veines!!
Another great Peter W remix - nice choice of track for his trancey sound. Any chance of doing Huelsbeck's Compilation III?
Very nice tune
Yes! Nails it with the tune. Fem Vocs could have been extended over the whole track. Other than that, OUTSTANDING! (Love the synths!)
My absolute favorite Peter W tune
Review by Alucard


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

This is the reason i subscribed on this site here! I am not a remixer, just a humble user listening to some great music here.

The intro doesnt keep up with the part that begins after it. A little more precision in timing would have been nice. But thats criticism on a high level... comes outta my boxes juicy as hell... and the female spoken parts should have been extended in the rest of the RMX!

This piece made me tap my toes in rhythm. Great work on the dominant drums, extremely spacy feeling with the synths.

Two minutes into the remix the really outstanding part begins... those out of this world intergalactic synths made me feel like i am dancing between the stars... pure eargasm.

I am writing as a humble listener and i enjoyed your work. Great stuff. Thumbs up!