Peter W - Dalion Day (Electro SiD Remix)

Track info
Arranged by:
Peter W Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Daniel Ortiz & Stello Doussis
All-Time charts position:

Dalion Day... one of those sids that got to me.

I spent a lot of time creating new sounds and presets to give this track it's own unique SiD club sound. The vocals are chopped up and mixed up a bit to fit the feeling of the track.


I know how you feel
I'm feeling it too

Aaah... I miss you
Why... I miss you
Aaah... I miss you
Why... I love you

Take... this... and hold
My... love for you

I love only you
There may be times when it's not right

Credits to: Jan Johnston and BT for the vocals.

Really enjoyed this, superb quality samples and arangement.
This is ready to wet clubgirls pants everywhere
Cool :) I'm not really fond of the lyrics, those lines are overly typical but it's just on BT. The piano-guitar would sound nicer with a real nylon-string guitar. No other rants, I like this track :)
Very good
Outstanding production, but the arrangement is not very exciting to me. I'm sure I'm missing some big point about club-music. :p
Well produced track;Good one! Nice to see credit given to BT for his lyrics from his track Remember..
It's good one, I like this club orineted style of remix(es), but vocals are weak.
Really great! Could pace up a bit after a 2 minutes or so, to be dancable, but for listening on your car's stereo on the autobahn, it's just so perfect!
This is really great stuff. Nice overall feeling.
Real energetic. Beat matches well with the lyrics. Normally I cant stand lyrics, here it goes well.
Slick tune.
.. And again a great tune from Peter W.! I really like your way of pimping up the SIDs! Perfect! - p2/heatw@ve
Easy listening SID, good!
WoW! I mean, WOW!
My kind of music.
Sounds almost like it's an excerpt from Kylie Minogue's Boombox. Masterpiece! Added to my collection.
High quality

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