Peter W - Deflektor (Deflect This Remix)

Track info
Arranged by:
Peter W Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Ben Daglish
All-Time charts position:
I chose to make a Drum n' Bass remix of it. Fitted nicely due to the high bpm of the original SiD.

My third SiD remix took about a month to complete, Slaygon suggested some vibrato on the lead which I managed to squeeze in after some software problems. The track wasn't really complete without it, when I added the vibrato to the lead it got a really good feel to it. Credits to Slaygon for suggesting it.
I actually really like this dnb remix of this classic Daglish SID - still love Reyn's though!
Solid effort here and although it can't top Reyn's, it's an excellent fast paced version nonetheless that's very enjoyable.
A good deflektor tune, not great or special in any way thought.
As I said before: I like the fast tempo. But those arpeggios get on my nerves after a while. Aside from that, it's cool.
Although I still like the Amiga original best (and the C64 second best) this is still a very nice piece. I'm not so sure if this is really made from the C64 version, but that might just be my imagination... All in all very, very nicely done.
Very groovy, gave me goosebumps!
If it hadn't been for the poor/lack of bass sound I'd have given this a higher score.
Good breakbeat effort, This I like quite a fair bit.. The bassline noise in particular makes me very happy. Drumbeat could have done with a few fills here and there, but meh its a good tune, great work pete.
Very very cool.
A really good dnb rendition of the sid. Thumbs up for this peter!
Some cool sound effects here and there, but the arpeggios are overused and the bass just doesn't fit.
Damn, what a cool drum programming!! Very original and veery solid. Can I use it sometime?!?:-)
Good remix. Makes me smile.:)
Lovin' it! Did not lose any of the original's catchy sound and the breakbeats fit like a glove! A little more bass would've been nice.
Way cool!
Nice with a fresh take on deflektor!
This high arpeggios are killing the song...
I dont listen this type music usually. But this tune is very good
On same level as reyns version
Awesome! Bassline is kickin'! I can see Flat Eric headbanging to this one!
Since Reyn's version of Deflektor is my number one, Machinae Supremacy's riffing is the second - this one is good for the 3rd. Nice work on that, I like the energy.
Very nice tune!
Awesome remix.

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