Peter W - Last Ninja 2 (Assassination Of Arkanoid)

Track info
Arranged by:
Peter W Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Matt Gray
All-Time charts position:
Arkanoid meets Last Ninja 2.

The track has sounds from the Arkanoid original SiD and some other elements that will remind you of Arkanoid.
It's a good attempt but there is nothing special about this trancey remix.
I enjoyed this version, probably because it's actually remixed enough to sound fresh but keeping the original feel intact. It could do with a bit more bass though.
Nice going, I like this one more than the other Last Ninja mix.
I didn't think this was going anywhere for a bit, but then The Sewers fully kicks in and I started smiling, wish the whole tune had've kept up the energy of the middle section.
Takes a very long to start, but once it does it's pretty good.
Its a great tune, always liked that one, but its a hard one to structure towards the main tune, its a feel good tune I guess... And well... Lets just say I know it as a challenge.
Its a bit tinny and annoying to my ears at times, definitely what id call a marmite.. Some will love others will hate.
It's on the simplistic side, which wouldn't be too bad, but it's too long and thus boring. I think the SID arpeggios are overused here, using plain chords would've worked better.
The beginning is fantastic with great sound and I was about to give this a red one, then the main part began and it sounds like it's in a much lower league with terrible instruments used.
Has the potential to be good I think if it has a bass, some better instruments and is maybe a bit shorter.
Love the way the tune builds up slowly with all the noises here and there. The tune also kept a good portion of the original's arrpeggio-flavour and the rough SID-bass. Good work.
Nice stuff! Needs a stronger bass and some more... Action? The techno effects don't always do the trick alone. I like the Arkanoid idea though!
If I imagine what this tune with other instruments could be.. Woah. But just when the beat kicks in, the dream is over and it gets kinda.. More and more annoying. But it goes to my personal collection, just because I love the beginning ;)
The first part is red, the second a light green, makes a yellow. As others have already written please change some instruments... This tune has some potential
Pretty good flow.
It's too long, it could take a bit more variety - anyway, this LN2 rmx is among the better ones.

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