Peter W - Lazity

Track info
Arranged by:
Peter W Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Richard Rinn (Deek)
All-Time charts position:
Awesome SiD used in a number of awesome Crest demos. I can listen to this track over and over it's so full of emotions. Thank You Richard Rinn (Deek) for blessing us with this and a lot of other great sid's.

Track was created using Renoise 2.5 and Reason 4

Bass was created using: Trilogy
Lead was created using: Reason and my own preset in Thor, plus layered Predator lead on top of that from my own preset library.
Extra Lead: Predator (own preset library). It was used to break the main lead in some parts.
Second Lead: The siddish sounding instrument was created within Gladiator 2.1 and was used to add improvisations and to extend the length of the song.
Synth Strings:Preset made by me in Gladiator 2.1.
Dub Background Chords: Vanguard (my own preset library).
Drums: Programmed by me, no loops. I used a variety of sample cd's.

(Thanks goes to Powertrace for helping me out getting started with Reason)
(Special Thanks to All Voters who take their time to leave a comment)

Great stuff! Has some nice instruments and good balance!
One of my fav SIDs ever. I think this remix is OK, but I think your own constructed lead would have been better if it had been more Laxity inspired. Right now I think it breaks the original idea of the SID.
I'm not familiar with the sid, but I have to say this well done track reminds me of the kind of music you heard during 80's porno flicks when they were in mid shag :P I'm just not a fan of this kind of style.
Good stuff, nice and laid back. Just realised that the bassline is exactly the same as my unreleased 1991 SID worktune I found lately, 'Lost Ninja' :)
Excellent work, really, but... That 0:58-0:59 synth sucks.
This is really great PeterW! As usual your instrumentation is crystal clear and crisp, giving a great listening experience. Please make more Laxity remixes!
I'm lovin' it. Edit: I especially like the melody you added in the latter half of the tune. It really makes the song.
One of my favorites, great work.
Sounds wonderful! I love it. Added to my collection.

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