Peter W - Nemesis (The Arcade Remix)

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I had so much fun creating this track, I named it the arcade remix due to the themish approach. I added some fun elements to the track. The arcade atmosphere in the intro and outro, the coin sounds and also the credit synth sound that you get from adding coins to an arcade. Samples saying, option, speed and laser. All that to get that arcade feeling. I also combined both subtunes into one track as a nice bonus so you get two tracks in one actually I kept the original feeling to it, I hope you will enjoy this as much as I had making it, this is for you guys and girls out there! "Keep Da Scene Alive!"
It'd sound so much better if it wasn't for that overly bright lead, which soon gave me a headache. Shame, cos everything else sounds pretty nice - the drums might need taking down a notch but what's there is good stuff.
You sell it pretty well in your comment, two tracks in one and stuff! But it's too repetitive and sounds too thin for my taste.
Nice Samples and melody
I like it (not only because the original tune is King :) but it could have used more/stronger background leads or strings to spice it up because it sounded like a 4-channel mod from time to time. Even so, very good!
Everyones favourite shoot em up game I imagine, and its a quality track too, might have been better as an instrumental for the sake of some of the instruments in there and the neutral tempo, I like anything nemesis tho :P
ITs sweet and brings back memories - a little weaker than I hoped but hey just for the memories it gets a very good
Very good work, but I kinda expected more... Dees' and Infamous' versions are still a little better.
Taking into account that the original was even more repetitive... I guess it's quite nice the way it turned out.
A little bright on my ears, and the tune lets me wait for something that never come... It's an ok average mix for me, but a bit repetitive in the drums.
The lead sound in the first part of it is just too bright. The arrangement is good, but overall it feels a little thin and short on substance. Still, very good work.
One of the my first shoot'em up's played on an AMSTRAD 6128! The tune is fantastic by itself and with this remix became awesome!
Stomping remix but I will always hear Infy's version in my head - sorry :(
Defenatly one of the better Nemesis remixes I've heard. Really enjoyed it.:)
Good work! Close to orange one!
The drums kill, indeed. Something that I really like, actually :D
I think this is great and getting both Nemesis melodies together makes this a red for me.

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