Peter W - Paradroid (001 Remix)

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Arranged by:
Peter W Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Andrew Braybrook
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To clear something on my mind: The original Paradroid SiD has some random soundeffects and also a subbass that "wiggles". the genre drum and bass is all about drums and bass. So I took the subbass from paradroid, made it dirty and tweaked it a bit. Then I extracted some of the spacey sound effects from the SiD, tweaked them as well and changed order so it fitted better into the track. So the foundation of the whole track is based and driven by the original Paradroid SiD sounds.

My approach for this track was hard and dirty drum n' bass with influences from house. I also wanted it a bit spacey and have a paradroidic theme to it, with blips and blops from the original SiD but with cool modifications. The result, a fast hard hitting drum and bass track!
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Very cool!;-)
Don't like this. Nothing wrong as a standalone tune, but it doesn't really do anything. Basing it on just the mininal Paradroid sounds means you can do anything you like but it just doesn't feel like a C64 remix to me. This style on another tune...
Sounds good, but where is the remix? Since Paradroid is a bit boring regarding music, I would've liked it a lot better if you had combined this style with a remix of another SID. Nothing wrong with the style, though.:)
Interesting druma and bass take on the "tune" which works really well but becomes overally a bit boring and long
Yaaaay! How utterly cool is that!!!
Nice drum and bass tune! I liked the sound and style of it.
This is good! I like... Paradroid is not music, so it's important to be inventive, and maybe a bit more of the original sounds would have made this more memorable, but a fine piece nonetheless
Not bad, didn't hold my interest long enough.
First I was like "cooool", then I was like "bleep bleep, argh" Too much bleeping! Aaahh! :P Made me head-nod and foot-tap a bit though. ;D
Call this a remix of paradroid just because a sound effect of the game has been added to some completely unrelated music? No.
The original game didn't really have that much in the way of background music, so I can't honestly call this a cover of the background or theme music. What I will call it is a neat variation on a theme with the game as a backdrop. Shiny!
Does not work...
A strange attempt. I rate the idea :)

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