Peter W - Spy vs Spy (Blanco o Negro Remix)

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Peter W Adept
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For this remix I wanted to add some serious dnb flows (vocal dnb rap) to it. This track features Jones (a friend of mine) and myself. Even though its drum n bass i'd say anyone can enjoy this tune.
Takes the original tune to a higher level! I love those beats. Something's missing, though. Maybe this remix could use some more bass.
Nice Track. A little bit to short in my mind. I hope you understand me ;-)
This would sound much better without the spoken parts - as the arrangement itself can stand up without the need for anything else layered on top, it's nice, fast and pacey.
Like the arrangement, I even like the rap in it. Something is missing, though, can't quite put my finger on what.
I never heard a sid-remix with attitude enough to carry rapping, and this isn't working either. Apart from that, excellent work!!!
Yeah, an intrumental version would be nice!
Second that. The vocal parts don't quite fit in, but then again... Maybe you need something to replace them with... But what? Anyways: very pleasant listening!
This sounds phatt on my low bass headset! PS: Please do make an instrumental version! I would be extatic!
Love it
Would like it better without the rap and maybe like omoroca said some more bass (then I would give it very good)
Really loved this one. Vocals are not bad either...
Vovals are quality but ruin it over all - the instrumental is better - great work on both though
Good work. I hate vocals in this one.
Hmm.. Vocals mess this up... Ill stay with the "instrumental" Version

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