Peter W - Turrican 3 (Big Ego Remix)

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Peter W Veteran
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Timbaland says he sampled some C-64 stuff but he actually ripped a whole song, so this is my way of saying...... So much I could say about what he did but I think it speaks for itself. Enjoy this kickass Turrican 3 remix featuring Timbalame... 
Superb. That tune was really asking to be remixed and apart from the rather forceful ending (sounds more like a bridge to let the main theme return) it's just right the way you did it! Very enjoyable.
Outstanding!!!! Great remix, great sounds... And above all keeping the original C64 tune in mind! ... Back to my headphones... Let the goosebumps come!! Btw it's a pity so few people are aware of Turrican 3 for the best computer ever.. C64 rulezzzzz!
Really good work in every aspect! No real suprises, but it certainly delivers.
I find the thin lead a bit annoying, but otherwise no faults with this one. Pretty good!
Extremely pleasant tune (with little exception that LaLa had already mentioned) :)
Nice! And enjoyable!
Good fun this one and lots of neat C64ish leads in there too. Parts of the lead are thin, but that's me nitpicking. Excellent job.
I really like this one!
I like this - buit it is thin in the lead - but still a great effort.
Reminds me of a typical Future Crew tune back in the days.
For higher rank I must listen to it more closely or it just very good
I like that lead!
Peter W does it again - love this remix.
I think I like your ego =)

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