Peter W - Turrican II (Concerto For Laser And Enemies Enhanced Mix)

Track info
Arranged by:
Peter W Veteran
Original composed by:
Chris Hülsbeck
All-Time charts position:

This is a tribute to Chris Huelsbeck and the Amiga!


Main idea and approach to this awesome Turrican song by Chris H was to enhance the original as much as possible without sacrificing the magical sound and arrangement of the original. I Realised this wouldn't be possible without using the exact same beautifull lead instrument as in the original. I managed to sample the lead in perfect quality and make a digital imprint of the original lead. I have never before put so much time and effort into a track to make it sound exactly as I wanted it to. A music journal on how I made all this possible and how I created everything from the lead instrument to the synth pads will be posted here and on my website shortly.


To me this is how I wanted Turrican to sound like back then!  


Buildtime from scratch: 8 Months
Lead sound was sampled from the original amiga song. The rest of the instruments are presets or samples tweaked by me.


This is intended to sound Amigaish and close to the original ofcourse that's the whole idea, enjoy!

Beautifully enhanced! I mean, keeping the feeling of the original track and presenting it how we all thought it REALLY sounded on the Amiga. Love it!
This sounds like a nintendo tune.. Retro remix of a retro tune and it works so sooooo well its hard not too mark it up high, great stuff pete
O_o could someone close my mouth plz... Thanks...
Nice reproduction of the instruments but for me the remix is way too close to the original. Sorry...:)
Very good remix!!!
Really good cover of the original :D
Ok, it's really very close to the original song. Normaly I would give only a "good" for this, but because the song is very great and I like it, I say "very good"
Very well done!
I'm not familiar with the original version, but I am enjoying it a lot. Sounds really cool.
One of Chris finest works. The Remix sounds great too, but mainly because of the lead instrument... Which is (nearly? ) identical with the one from the original. The tune itself is barely arranged, so in my opinion it doesn't deserve more than a "good".
Just cleaned up the original version - bit boring for a remix to me.
Very nice, but for my taste a bit too close to the original. I'd have loved some variation in the bass track and/or maybe some guitars (but that's just my taste)
Really nice retro sounds.
Well done!!!:-)
Nice and clean, the drums at 0. 10 are a tad too light and the back beat a bit too deep & heavy, the original is less bogged down but otherwise I love it. The best Concerto so far.
A great "remaster" of the original Amiga sound.
It's close to original, but I love such covers! Great!:)
More awesomeness from Peter W :)
Review by Ryrynz


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

I love how upbeat this is, such great instrument choices overall really making this tune sound modern. I know Hülsbeck himself has remixed this a few times but I actually prefer this over any his own remixes so that's saying something. It's more a beautiful enhancement of the original more than a remix and for that reason it's my favourite Concerto on this site. A few improvements could be made however, the drums at 0.10 being a tad too light and the back beat a tad too heavy this would bring it a little more in line with the original if keeping with enhancing it rather than remixing, the original feels less bogged down but otherwise I love it.